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Improving Your Video Cost To Quality Ratio

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No doubt about it, video cost tends to be one of the most important factors people consider when they hire a production company. From our end we can present them with the best video idea ever, but a deciding question will always be… how much is this going to cost?

Like a lot of things, especially creative endeavors like video, the amount of money you spend can have a direct impact on the quality you receive.… Read More

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What’s Your Story?

If you need help answering that question, T60 Productions is here to help. We’re a Chicago video production company that creates marketing and public relations videos that capture audiences. You know… the kind people will actually watch and enjoy. We’re corporate storytellers and video producers who can help your website stand-out, and create sharable content for your e-mail and social media campaigns.

Whether you’re part of a big company with a dedicated marketing staff or a small business owner who needs help, T60 Productions can identify, shape, and tell your story. Led by Emmy award-winning journalist Tony Gnau, T60 is dedicated to providing quality storytelling at an affordable price.

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