Our Video Production Pricing Sheet

Your Budget Solution

A lot of video production companies don’t want to give you prices on their website, and we understand why. Every project is different.

However, we don’t want to waste your time.

Which is why we’ve provided a few options on our video production pricing sheet to give you an idea of where we stand on price.

They include a few of storytelling styles, our retainer program for frequent production needs, as well as our education/consulting services.

Full-Service Storytelling

Starting at $4500, Average Price $5500

T60 unleashes all of its storytelling talents for your business or organization.


  • multiple interviews with team members and/or clients
  • raw video (b-roll) shot in and around your business
  • tailoring a story to compliment your marketing
  • script creation requiring client approval
  • video editing requiring client approval
  • royalty-free background music



3-Step Storytelling

Flat-Fee of $1000

30-60 second videos featuring your business, product, or service.


  • a 1-hour video shoot
  • an on-camera interview with a company representative
  • a small amount of raw video shot around the business
  • royalty-free background music
  • video editing



À La Carte

Starting at $900

Don’t need us to produce your entire video? Just need one or two video services? We can handle that too!

Choose from…

  • raw video shoot (interviews and/or b-roll)
  • video editing
  • audio recording
  • story creation

Apply to our VIP Video Club

Get special service and savings as a club member!


If you’re producing video on a regular basis, you need a way to do it that’s efficient and won’t break the bank. Being a VIP Video Club member provides all sorts of benefits.


  • discounted pricing
  • discounted travel costs
  • priority and streamlined access
  • Full-Service Storytelling




Communications Consulting

Let us help you develop a video strategy.


While we love producing videos, we also talk about video strategy… a lot. Our Chief Storytelling Officer, Tony Gnau, speaks to people at major conferences as well as more intimate groups around a conference table.

Choose from…

  • custom presentations
  • plan evaluations
  • DIY help



Our Customers

We’re pretty lucky to have some awesome customers. While we’re based in the Midwest, we travel frequently for shoots and love filling in states on our map.

Although, we’re still waiting on that first customer to send us to Europe… just sayin’.





Questions and Answers

Finally, we’re all about transparency, especially when it comes to pricing, so we blogged about how we go about pricing a project and it’s by far our most popular post. It gets thousands of views every month and also consistently ranks highly on Google for “video production cost.”

Blog: How-to Figure Out Video Production Cost

We produce content like this because whether you’re a veteran PR/marketing pro or a communications newbie, we are here to serve you.

Between 700+ blog posts under our belts, our Chief Storytelling Officer guest writing at top PR/marketing websites, and frequently speaking at communications conferences… we talk-the-talk and walk-the-walk.

In other words… we’re pretty good at this stuff… so if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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