Marketing Testimonials Add Credibility To Your Website

T60 testimonial pageWe’re using the new T60 website this week to highlight some ways businesses can use video content to create terrific user experiences for clients and prospects.

Yesterday, I blogged about the importance of the About Us video. Today, it’s another staple that businesses should consider… marketing testimonials.


This is a great way to brag about yourself without bragging about yourself because your clients do it for you. It’s not you telling the world how great you are, you’re allowing real people who have used your product or service to testify on your behalf. 

We live in a world of reviews. Before making a purchase, one of the things we do is seek them out. You have an opportunity to provide positive reviews through testimonials.

Sure, you could post text quotes. We’ve done that for clients we haven’t been able to get on-camera… yet.

Gini Dietrich has already agreed to go on-camera next time we get together for a Spin Sucks shoot, right Gini? Next time we’re shooting in SoCal, I’ll tie down Jeremy Hogue for an interview at the new Sovereign Healthcare offices. The reason why…


It’s one thing to read what someone has said, it’s something else to hear it coming from the directly. It adds weight. That person took time out of their busy schedule to shoot an interview and give an endorsement. That says a lot.

It does require some initiative. You have to be comfortable asking your clients to do it. If you work with someone who’s really excited about what you’ve done for them, they’re the one to ask for a testimonial. Then it’s just a matter of hiring a professional storyteller to put it together in a way that will appeal to an audience.

What does your client get out it? Well, you could sweeten the offer by doing another video featuring them… but I’ll save that for tomorrow’s post.

–Tony Gnau