What You Need to Know

T60 Productions is a Midwest-based video production company serving customers from coast-to-coast.

We are communication expertscontent creators, and above all else….storytellers. Producing videos for both internal and external corporate communications.

T60 develops the story, conducts the interviews, shoots the raw video, creates the script, and edits the final product.

It’s like hiring your own TV news crew to produce a story on your company, brand, service, or product… only better… because you get final approval.

We guide our customers through the video production process and create videos carrying the messages they want to share.


Our Mission

Help businesses and organizations succeed so they can employee people, innovate, and make our nation and world a better place.


How We Do It

We provide quality video storytelling at an affordable price.


A lot of corporate video producers have a background in film, but T60’s roots are in TV news and our team members are journalists at heart

What that means for you is we don’t script things in advance.

We talk with our customers, get a sense of what they want to communicate, but then we allow the sound bites we gather to tell the story.

We love this style because it brings an authenticity to our customers’ videos. They don’t sound like scripted messages… because they aren’t.

Our team is great at this type of storytelling.

They have shelves lined with Emmy Awards, and T60 has won 18 Telly Awards for its corporate video production work.

Whether you choose our Full-Service Storytelling or our budget-friendly 3-Step Storytelling, we have a storytelling style that will produce quality videos for your corporate communication needs.

Which storytelling style is right for you?


Our Founder and Namesake

One of the top questions we get doesn’t have anything to do with video production.

A lot of customers want to know how we got our name.


You’d never know it based on his size, but T60’s Founder and Chief Storytelling Officer, Tony Gnau, was a walk-on football player at the University of Southern California.

He made the team all four years, racking up a whopping two tackles in four games for the Trojans.😆

Hence the company’s name… T… Trojan, 60… his football number.

Tony is a three-time Emmy Award recipient, and has been the creative force behind all of those Telly Awards we previously mentioned.

FYI… Notre Dame and UCLA customers are still welcome.😉✌️



While we have offices in Chicago and Milwaukee, we provide budget-friendly videos to customers all over the nation… and beyond.

We absolutely LOVE filling in states on our map, and customers who send us abroad get special T60 bonus points! 😉

But let’s get serious for a moment.

Kansas. What’s up? You’re the only midwestern state we haven’t visited. Come on now! 😆



Whether you’ve had videos produced in the past, or you’re a video newbie… we’re here to serve you.

If you have any questions at all about video marketing, please search our blog.

We’ve written over 700 blog posts and get tens of thousands of page views every year, so chances are good we have an answer for you there.

Want the Cliff Notes?

Check out this link for answers to some of our most frequently asked questions.



We also offer-up our Founder and Chief Storytelling Officer as an event speaker. Tony Gnau speaks on storytelling, video marketing, and internal communications strategies to audiences all over the country.

You’re welcome to have him do a lunch and learn for a small team, a seminar at a corporate retreat, or a keynote session at a company event.

Tony’s an Emmy-winning TV news reporter, bestselling author, and knows how to captivate an audience.

Check out his Video Marketing Speaker page.




It’s the question everyone has… how much is this thing going to cost?!

It’s okay to be concerned about video prices, but don’t worry… it’s not going to cost a gazillion dollars.

Many production companies will force you to call them for an estimate, but we know your time is valuable.

We post ballpark prices here on our website.

They’ll get you started, then call us for a more detailed outlook.