The Most Prominent Videos On Your Website

t60 about usWell… if all is working properly, you’re reading this at our new blog location on the new T60 website. I blogged yesterday about detailing some of the ways we’re using our video content, so today I’d like to focus on the site’s two most prominent videos.

The first one you’ll find on the Home page and it’s a video that will change from week to week. I’ve always believed the work we do for clients is our best sales tool. It was tempting to put our “About T60” video front and center, but I rather give people a taste of what we do for our clients first. It also doesn’t hurt that rotating the video every week freshens the page for both web surfers and Google rankings alike.


This is a great tip for other businesses. The more video content you create, the more flexibility you have in doing things like this. Maybe you have a series of testimonials from clients… rotate those on your home page. Maybe your videos feature different products or services you offer… rotate those. Keep rotating your videos to provide people with a unique experience each time they visit. And did I mention Google likes it too?


The other most prominent video on the site is the About T60 video and you’ll find it… duh… on the About page. Quite simply, this is the video every business should have on its website. It tells people who you are and what you’re all about. If you watch ours, I don’t think there’s any doubt what we emphasize at T60.

Look… if you have an About page that’s all text, people may or may not read about the business. If you post a short video, there’s a strong possibility they’ll watch. That means you have an opportunity to talk with prospects and create a good first impression before ever meeting with them. That’s hard to do with just text on a page.

Tomorrow I’ll touch on another terrific video tool for your website toolbox… the testimonial.

–Tony Gnau