Video Marketing Series Is Content That Keeps Giving

T60 case studies pageWrapping up our look at website content this week with a nod to one of my favorite things… the video marketing series.

The idea is simple. Instead of taking a bunch of content and jamming it together into a single video, you break it up into separate videos and make it a series.


First, producing a series of short videos on various topics puts your audience in control. They can choose to watch the videos that interest them and not sit through information during a longer video that isn’t relevant to their lives.

Second, viewers are more likely to watch a short video than a longer one. If someone sees your video is 5-minutes long, they’ll probably pass. On the other hand, offer them five, 1-minute videos and they’ll start watching.

Finally, a video series is highly sharable. The shorter length works well with e-mail campaigns and social media posts. Even better, you can roll them out over time. Producing one big video means a one-time social blitz. Producing a series means you can release one a week, a month, whenever. It’s fresh content on a regular basis.

There aren’t any hard rules when you produce a series. It can literally be on anything. Produce individual videos on products or services you offer, maybe you highlight different facilities… heck… you could do a series of videos on your office Olympics.


When I started the planning process for the new T60 website, one of the first things I developed was a video series. It features some of our clients as case studies, and all we did was ask them a couple of questions.

Why is video a part of your marketing strategy and how are you using it?

The idea was simple. Our clients are pretty amazing. We’re consistently impressed with the ways they use video, so wouldn’t it be great if they could share some ideas with our audience?

We get quality content and they get some publicity.

It’s going to be an ongoing series. While we currently have three clients featured on the website, we plan on adding more as the year progresses.

Fresh video content… all year-long.

–Tony Gnau