Your Company Needs A Bike Butterfly

Courtesy: Brompton Bicycle

Credit goes to my father-in-law today for posting this on his Facebook page… allowing me to spot it. It’s a video for the Bike Butterfly. Take one-minute to watch the video.

Okay… it’s seems to be a joke, but a good one and the source of a valuable lesson. That’s because this isn’t a video for the Bike Butterfly. It’s a video for the Brompton collapsible bicycle.

One of the things I occasionally blog about is that a video doesn’t have to be about your company, to be about your company. This is just another example… and a very creative one.

The bike isn’t mentioned once, but the video treats us to the bike’s versatility none the less. I don’t know about you, but as the video went along I was totally admiring the bike… thinking it was pretty cool… which is exactly what Brompton’s leaders were hoping.

The bike butterfly appears to be a joke, but Brompton’s marketing team is anything but.

–Tony Gnau