PR/Marketing Example From Unlikely Source

You have knowledge… share it. You have expertise… share it. You have information that will help prospects and customers… share it.

Take a cue from the Kansas City Police Department.

WHAT!? Yes… you read that right. The police department is doing a great job of sharing its expertise with the public. I got tuned into this through Ken Mueller at Inkling Media. He shared a post via Facebook about the KCPD’s social media efforts.

I checked out the department’s YouTube channel and it’s not bad. All the videos are clearly produced in-house, so they’re not exactly storytelling at its finest… but the videos work.

How-to’s, safety issues, public service announcements… they’re all there… and people are watching. 440,000 views in less than three years.

KCPD is sharing its expertise. You’re an expert too. Are you sharing your knowledge?

–Tony Gnau