Compete Like Pete

If you’re a regular reader here, you know I admire Seattle Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll. I’m a proud Trojan, so it goes back to his time as the USC head coach.

My wife and I actually have a quote of his from a 60 Minutes story hanging in our home, “I keep thinking day-to-day that something good is just about to happen.”

Lately, I’ve needed a little attitude boost, so what pops up in my Facebook feed yesterday? A blog post from Pete Carroll entitled, Compete. It was just what I need to kick myself into gear.

One of the things I love about Pete is that his leadership goes beyond football. In the piece, he writes about competing in life. I read that post and thought about it as a husband, father, son, friend… and video storyteller.

T60 helps our clients compete. We help them by highlighting what they do best. We help them by showing people what they’re all about. We help them compete by telling their stories.

Something good is just about to happen.

–Tony Gnau