You Might Be Surprised Who’s Producing Videos

I always appreciate when people enjoy T60’s work and want to refer us to friends and colleagues. Someone asked me last week what type of business is a good tip for us… big companies, medium or small.

The answers is… yes.

It’s about storytelling, not size

See… companies interested in video production run the gambit. It really has more to do with how interested a business is in storytelling than the size of the company.

I’ll give you an example. We’ve done work for Fortune 500 companies, Walgreens and United Airlines. We’ve done work for medium-sized companies, Goose Island Beer Company. And we’ve done a ton of work for small businesses.

All of them have varying budgets that they allow for marketing, but do you know one of the biggest areas of our business? Non-profits. Yup. Organizations that have tiny marketing budgets compared to the Fortune 500 big boys consistently have quality videos produced.

Non-profits “get it” better than anyone

Why? Non-profit leaders understand the power of storytelling and video. They understand producing a compelling story about their organization will help build trust and a connection with the people who are donating money. And in today’s social media world, they know they’re producing something that can be shared from prospect to prospect.

They understand the true value of video.

–Tony Gnau