Planning Ahead Leads To Video Success

Planning ahead can save you a lot of headaches. That’s true with many things, but especially video.

During a vlog shoot this week for one of our clients, the CEO spoke about the organization’s national conference. Following the shoot, I smiled and asked their corporate communications director what videos she wanted to produce surrounding the conference.

Somewhat bold of me, but she loved the idea. She said she really needs to start thinking about that and planning ahead.

Why you Should plan ahead

Yes, she does. We all do. When you start planning your videos in advance, you’ll be surprised about how things fall into place. The shoot is less hectic, and the results are frequently better. Usually because the video fits into a greater PR or marketing plan.

It doesn’t have to be the details for how every aspect of the videos are going to be produced. I’m talking about having a plan for what stories you want to tell.

Who’s are audience? What stories will impact them? These are the things you want to discuss in advance.

The better organized you are from the beginning, the more likely your videos will impress.

–Tony Gnau