Election Videos Get Election Results

I really thought I’d write more about political videos, but this is only my second post on the subject. Guess I’m just election-ed out… and I don’t even live in a battleground state.

Anyway, PR and marketing pros, the c-suite, business owners… everyone can learn from our political leaders in at least one way. They produce some darn good videos, and the main lesson is a frequent topic here.

Important Lesson

Video isn’t about facts and figures. It’s about emotion.

The presidential campaigns know this which is why their videos are aimed at pushing our buttons. Forget the negative ads. Chances are you’re not going to create a video with the express purpose of trashing your competitors. Instead, take a look at how the campaigns try to inspire enthusiasm.

I love both these videos. Inspiring speeches set to inspiring music and covered with inspiring images. It’s all an effort to get you pumped up about each candidate.

Video works

If you support President Obama, look at that video and try to tell me it doesn’t get you fired up.

Mitt Romney supporters, take a look at his video. I’ll bet you sprint to the polls today.

Companies can do this too. You may not inspire so much enthusiasm you’ll have people chanting your name, but it might make a sale a little easier.

–Tony Gnau