Why Businesses Should Produce A Video Series: Part 3

In part one, we explained the importance of keeping the videos in your series short. Part two was about viewing habits. Today we’re hitting on maybe the most powerful aspect… sharing.

The idea behind a series is to capture an audience. Short videos, covering topics important to your viewers will help you develop that following. Now we want them to share them with others. The best part is if you’ve done your job well in the other areas, this will likely happen all on its own.

Post it on YouTube. Share that link on Twitter, Facebook, in e-mails campaigns to clients and prospective clients, with your friends, family, your dry cleaner… EVERYONE! If they like what they see, they’ll pass it along too.

The more people that see it, the more people will turn to you for your expertise.

Tomorrow… we’ll wrap things up with some final thoughts.

–Tony Gnau