Why Businesses Should Produce A Video Series: Wrap-up

A lot of companies now recognize the power of video. Many are making the leap to produce some sort of video about their business. That’s great. I encourage them to continue. An About Us video is something every company should have these days.

The thing is… that’s only scratching the surface of what video can do. Producing a video series can put a business on a path to video success. It can capture someone’s attention, encourage them to share what they’ve discovered, and get them coming back for more.

The content is up to you. I recommend producing a series of videos on specific challenges facing your customers. Identify the problems, then show them how to address those issues. The videos may not be all about your company, but they are demonstrating your expertise. Turn yourself into the industry expert.

Not willing to make that leap of faith? Focus a series on your business. Create a series of videos featuring outstanding employees. Highlight your customers and how you’re meeting their needs. These are just a few ideas off the top of my head.

Regardless of what you choose for your series, keeping them focused on the audience’s needs… not yours… is critical. This isn’t about pumping you up, it’s about serving the customers. Even if you focus the series on your business, the theme behind the videos should be, “This is how we help you… our client.”

Create quality videos that do that and you’ll benefit from something. Watching quality video is habit-forming. Once you’ve demonstrated to an audience they’re going to get quality video content, they’ll continue to click when you inform them there’s a new video.

A video series is custom-tailored for our social media world. Produce one and let users help build your brand.

–Tony Gnau