Why Businesses Should Produce A Video Series: Part 1

This is an idea whose time has come. There’s no denying the power of video, but there’s an even better way for businesses to use it. On top of that, it’s a way that will give them more bang for their buck.

It’s the video series. All week long I’ll be highlighting why it’s such a good PR/marketing idea.

First reason… doing a series of short videos will capture short attention spans. How short should the videos run? One minute and 30-seconds or less.  That’s 1:30 or less.

Think it can’t be done? Wrong. The average story you watch on TV news every night is exactly that length. You may have to find a quality storyteller to help your business do this, but you’ll be rewarded with the type of videos that will capture people’s attention.

A series of short videos will also do something one long video can’t do. It makes it much more likely your audience will watch the videos all the way through. If you produce five 60-second videos and release them on a weekly basis, you stand a much better chance of getting people to see all five minutes than if you produced a single 5-minute video.

Coming tomorrow… why a good series encourages viewership.

–Tony Gnau