We Are All Media Companies Now

It’s no longer business as usual. Companies that are jumping on the social media express need to understand something… they are now content creators.

Sure, they still sell widgets or provide a special service, but now they have another identity. They are a media company. That means thinking about the media they produce and how it can affect the business.

Gone are the days when a business relies on the traditional media to help spread its PR or marketing message. Now it’s up to the company to do it. It might appear to be a daunting task, but it really opens a world of options.

One of them is the opportunity to harness the power of video. Businesses can create video content that serves an audience and turns viewers into customers.

It won’t happen overnight. The first step is changing the mindset. We no longer just sell widgets. We are a media company.

Once they’ve accepted that reality, businesses can begin looking at all the great stories surrounding the company and start producing videos.

–Tony Gnau