Marketing Lesson Courtesy Mickey Mouse

I’ve been blogging a lot lately about behind-the-scenes videos. The posts have been inspired by college football season since so many schools are doing a great job of taking fans inside the locker room and beyond.

The connection to business seems very clear to me, but in case you’re missing it please take a look at mega-marketer Disney.

My wife and I watched a video via Netflix titled, Disney Parks: Undiscovered Disney Parks. It featured some pretty cool behind-the-scenes things taking place at the theme parks and resorts, and the video is one in a series of DVDs.

I have no idea how much the series cost to produce and distribute, but by the time I had picked up the remote to turn it off my wife was already on the laptop pricing out a Disney vacation.

Now, this was a 40-minute video on Disney theme parks. Not many people might be willing to invest that sort of time watching a behind-the-scenes video featuring your business, but what about a 1-2 minute video? What about a series of 1-2 minute videos that you roll out every month or every quarter?

Now you’re creating a behind-the-scenes experience your clients and prospects will appreciate.

–Tony Gnau