Video Email Strategy Done Right

Video Email Strategy Done RightI received a video email yesterday worth noting. That’s because it’s the second time I’ve received the video, and I think that’s a good thing.

The email came from Act|On. I actually blogged about the video the first time I received it because it’s a good example of an effective testimonial. The company is all about automated marketing, so no doubt the email I received then and yesterday was actually a planned attack that’s been in the works ever since I entered the company’s system.

Sending the same video email twice

At first, you might think sending the same video twice is a bad idea, but here’s why it’s a great idea. Just because you send an email video doesn’t mean everyone is going to see it.

I know, that’s kind of crazy for me to write. After all, we produce marketing videos. I should be telling you how many people do watch them. And while that’s true, the other part of that is no campaign gets a 100% click rate.

The reality is that if you’re cracking 40% with your open rate, you’re a rock star email marketer. Even if you are, that means 60% still aren’t opening your emails. Those who do open are likely to click that video if it’s relevant to them, but there are certainly those who will still pass it up.

Have a video strategy

What that brings me to is your video strategy. I know too many business leaders who create a video, share it once via email and/or social media and that’s it. A successful video campaign takes more than that. It takes a real plan.

When the video first comes out, you need to post it multiple times during the week on social media… and at different times of day. Do the same thing a few of months later. Do it again a year after its original release.

Do something similar with email. Send out that first email, but take a page from Act|On and send it again. The company’s first email I received months ago was dubbed as the case study of a business using marketing automation. The one I got yesterday had the subject line, “Stack your sales pipeline with more leads.”  Recipients who didn’t watch the first time might decide to hit play this time around. They are still potential audience member, so give them another chance to watch.

You spend time and money producing your marketing videos, but that’s just phase one. Phase two is making sure it gets seen.

–Tony Gnau