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Always Educate Yourself

Posted on March 22nd, 2011 | Leave a Comment

I’ll tell you what… I know a lot about storytelling… enough to teach a class. I better. It’s my profession… my passion.

Business on the other hand? I’m still learning. Which is why I continue to pour through business books, read Seth Godin daily, listen to Dave Ramsey, and constantly look for innovative ways to better T60 as an organization.

We’re getting a little help with that. Earlier this year T60 opened its doors to business students at Kendall College who spent a quarter evaluating our company. Today, we get to hear their assessment on where we are and where they think we can go.

Ready to be a student again?

–Tony Gnau

Old Adage Rings True

Posted on March 21st, 2011 | Leave a Comment

There’s an old adage in video and film production. When you think you’ve shot enough, shoot a little more. That’s because you never know what might come in handy in the edit room. Better to have too much raw material than not enough.

It’s actually a concept that translates well to just about any field. Don’t do just enough work to get the job done, go beyond that so you have plenty to do a great job.

Usually doing just enough work will get you paid, it just won’t get clients to return.

–Tony Gnau

Positive Attitude, Successful Leader

Posted on February 17th, 2011 | Leave a Comment

Gini Dietrich blogged yesterday about positive attitudes being an important component to successful leadership. I couldn’t agree more.

A positive attitude can influence everything you do. It’s something I see all the time on video shoots. You can plan all you want, visualize all your shots in advance, but chances are once you get to the location you’ll have to throw it all out the window.

Things rarely go as we envision them. How you react and adjust to them will determine how the situation turns out. A positive, upbeat reaction will likely produce the same result.

Want to see what a positive leader looks like?  Just watch former USC head football coach Pete Carroll (now the Seattle Seahawks’ head coach).

“Something good’s just about to happen.”

–Tony Gnau

VIDEO: 60 Minutes “Coach Carroll” (2008)