Small Ball Video Marketing Strategy

Ahhhh… Spring Training has begun. I live and work about a mile from Wrigley Field, and hope springs eternal in these parts. I love baseball and came across a nice baseball-video analogy yesterday.

It comes via Jeremy Scott over at Reel SEO. He urged businesses producing videos not to swing for the fences. Please feel free to read his take, but I’d like to expand on that idea.

Video marketing is indeed a “small ball” strategy. Instead of trying to hit a home run every time at bat, swing for singles to move the runners along.

Not following me? Instead of producing one long video designed to make a big splash, opt for shorter videos that build and cultivate an audience over time.

Here’s why… producing one video might capture some attention, but once a viewer has seen it they probably won’t continue to re-watch it over and over. Producing a series of short videos released over time gives you repeated exposure to the audience. The more they see from you, the better they get to know you and your brand.

Hitting a single every month will always score more runs than a grand slam.

–Tony Gnau