Razorfish Social Expert On Shareable Content

Social media isn’t going anywhere, and video is going to continue to play an increasingly important role.

That’s the cliff notes on a conversation I recently had with Nader Ali-Hassan, Associate Director of Social Media at Razorfish.

Nader and I chatted about social media and video after wrapping up an interview. T60 produces videos for the American Marketing Association-Chicago Chapter to preview upcoming events. Nader is going to be a guest speaker along with Adam Lilly from Goose Island Beer Company.

Anyway, Nader is a big believer in social media video. A written post is good, but add video and now you have something really “shareable.”

He also talked with me a little about length. To sum up, shorter is better. Again, it’s all about posting things that people will be willing to share. Start producing videos over 2-minutes long, and your shareability factor starts to drop.

Both Nader and Adam have lots of good ideas and advice regarding marketing and social media. I encourage you to check out the AMA-Chicago event (sign-up here) which is open to members and non-members alike.

–Tony Gnau