Goose Island Marketing Event Still Going… Two Years Later!

I feel like it’s just been a couple of days since I blogged about Goose Island Beer Company. Oh yeah… it has only been a couple of days.

Well, I can’t help it! They keep doing great stuff that serve as good marketing examples.

One of the things I try to remind clients is that “old” videos can continue to be shown years after their intended air date. The trick is to look for situations where it works.

Case in point… the Goose. Yesterday on Facebook, they posted about the Craft Brewers Conference taking place in San Diego… “It reminds us of a couple of years back when we hosted this party at our brewery in Chicago.”

The post links to this video from two years ago. It’s AWESOME! Possibly the best event video you’ve ever seen. Did I mention T60 produced it?

Okay, maybe that means we’re not quite objective enough to critique it, but the video really did turn out well. So from Goose Island’s perspective… why not look for an opportunity to show it again? And that’s exactly what they did.

The Goose Island party took place two years ago, but because they had the foresight to produce a video… it lives on to this day.

With all the time and money it takes to put on a special event, it only makes sense to add video to the mix. It can give you marketing value years after it’s over.

Just ask the Goose.

–Tony Gnau