Putting Your Content Where Your Mouth Is

I frequently preach something to clients and prospects and occasionally here as well. Produce video content that serves your audience instead of your ego.

The first video most businesses want to produce is the “about us” video. That’s fine. I think you should do that too, but that’s only a jumping off place. From there, businesses need to produce content that audience members can benefit from. That often means setting aside the instinct to make all your videos about you.

Alternatively, pick subjects you and your audience are passionate about and share your opinion and/or expertise.

Practice what we preach

Easy for me to say, right? Well, I practice what I preach. As a BrandSmart conference sponsor, T60 was permitted to email all the attendees. Instead of sending out a mass sales pitch, I offered links to my blog posts regarding the event, as well as a couple of videos from our “why our clients use video” series.

None of the content was about T60, but all of it afforded us the opportunity to display our expertise and provide conference attendees with information that could benefit them.

While we were all at the same event, I looked at it through my video “lens” and offered a perspective they might not have received. The videos are something else entirely. Two T60 clients offering their thoughts on why and how they use video as part of their marketing strategy.

Content is king.

–Tony Gnau