Ford Falls Flat At SEMA

You all know how much I like the idea of a video series. Instead of producing one long video, produce a series of shorter videos. It allows audience members to pick the things they’re interested in, and it allows you to roll out the videos over a longer period of time.


Well, Ford recently produced a whole series of videos while they were at the 2012 SEMA Show. According to the SEMA website, the show is “the premier automotive specialty products trade event in the world.”

I love that Ford produced a series there. They uploaded over 20 videos from the show. This is a great idea for any company participating in a trade show. It allows your customers and prospects to attend the show, even if they can’t get there in person.

Ford’s lousy execution

The only problem is Ford fell flat. The videos stink. There’s barely any production value at all. The camera work is weak, the lighting is bad, audio on most of the videos is terrible, we get minimal editing and worst of all… zero attempt at storytelling.

Some of the videos feature a woman doing interviews, but they’re totally lame. Again, no creativity or effort put into them at all.

Could have been soooo much better

Now listen… if you’re a smaller company and this is the only type of thing you can afford to do, okay, I get it. But this isn’t just any business… it’s Ford! How many millions of dollars do you think Ford spends on marketing!? How much do you think they spent on participating in this event alone?

I’m not saying they should have thrown money hand over fist at this video series, but for $5,000-$10,000 they could have put together some great content. These videos got thousands of hits. Imagine what viewership could have been if they had made an effort. If they had made videos those viewers wanted to share with friends.

On top of that, let me raise another issue. As a business leader, why would you ever condone putting something out for the world to see that represents your brand if it looks like crap?

The Ford video series was a GREAT idea, but it was poorly executed. I hate that.

If you think a videos series is worth doing, then it should be worth doing it right.

–Tony Gnau