Online Video Stats Say It All

The web browser has become the new TV set.

Get off the sidelines and get in the game. Video is no longer a luxury. It should be an important part of your PR/marketing strategy.

Why? People are watching. Strike that… millions of people are watching. Social Media Examiner blogged yesterday about tips for finding and engaging your target market. Number four on the list… video.

Actually, the headline reads, “#4: It’s Time to Take Video Seriously.”

I couldn’t agree more. Millions of people are watching online videos everyday. Just look at the stats in the post…

According to comScore, this number has jumped over 43% to 100 million daily views (that’s roughly one-third of the U.S. population watching a video online each day).

One third of the U.S. population is watching online videos… everyday. Wow!

There’s an audience out there waiting to see and hear what you have to say. You just need a PR/marketing strategy with clear goals and a video pro to help execute the plan.

–Tony Gnau