Old School vs. New School Ryder Cup Marketing

Okay… I’m officially declaring this Ryder Cup week. With golf’s biggest event taking place in our backyard at Medinah Country Club, a lot of my interest is focused out there but I’m still finding blog material.

My wife, daughter and I made a family outing of it at yesterday’s practice round. I was struck by something. It’s a blending of old and new school.

Old school vs. new school

Golf loves its traditions, so head to a major tournament like this and you’ll find manual scoreboards. At the same time, you’re find huge video boards all over the course.

While walking the course yesterday I downloaded a Ryder Cup iPhone app, allowing me to see real-time scoring and video right on my phone.

Don’t get left behind

My point… you can find a place for tradition, but at the end of the day you better be on cutting-edge. Your PR/marketing/event planning better reflect what consumers are demanding.

In other words, you better be producing video.

–Tony Gnau