Ryder Cup App Leading Businesses Right Direction

I mentioned Wednesday about downloading the Ryder Cup app for my iPhone. When I’m out on the course I’ll have instant access to scoring, but that really isn’t that big of a deal because there’s a gazillion scoreboards all over the course.

No, the best part of having the app means I can watch highlights because the NBC broadcast will be streamed live through the app. I might be watching one group at the eighth tee, and hear a roar coming from the sixth or seventh green. Now I can see exactly what happened.

Mobile Video is huge

The takeaway… mobile is going crazy right now, but not all mobile apps include video and they should. eMarketer predicts more than 54-million people will watch video on their mobile devices this year. 54-MILLION!

What does this mean to you and your business? It means people are finding all sorts of ways to watch the content they crave, whether it’s on their desktop, laptop or phone. It means your video has the chance to be seen and shared across multiple platforms. It means you need to take your company’s video production seriously.

–Tony Gnau