Marketing Videos Need Your Employees’ Passion

lincoln youtubeI can’t believe what happened to me. I just watched a “suggested post” on Facebook… i.e. a paid ad. It was a Lincoln Motor Company marketing video, and it was really good.

I hate the “suggested posts,” but the video title reeled me in… Artisans of Lincoln. The video was all about the artists who help create car designs. Pretty cool! It also reiterated a great point for me to comment on.


People who are passionate about what they do are incredible sales people. We never see the person narrating the Lincoln video, but it sounds like it must be one of the artists or the person in charge of that division. Hearing from him and watching the artists at work, it grabs you. It isn’t fake. It isn’t over-the-top. It’s just passion and it comes through loud and clear.

You have people who work at your company who have this same passion for their job. They are the people you need in your marketing videos.

–Tony Gnau