Marketing Video Production Done Right

united youtube channelI’m getting ready for an upcoming trip to our nation’s capital, and for the first time in a while I’m flying United Airlines. That prompted me to drop by the company’s YouTube channel and I loved what I saw… marketing video production that didn’t “feel” like marketing videos.
Ultimately, I think that’s the goal for most business leaders producing videos, and it’s a good one, which is why it’s worth exploring here and good examples for you to watch.
I watched the five videos that were on the home page day I visited. Each of them highlighted a different aspect of United’s operations. The company’s history of flying to Latin America, the amount of cargo United transports, the work they’re putting into in-flight meals, expanding facilities and their newest United Club which is located at O’Hare International Airport in Chicago.
Think about that line-up for a second and try to compare it to your own business. All of these videos tackled subjects the average passenger might not know about United but might find interesting. I know I did. I intended on maybe watching a video or two. I ended up watching five.
Behold the power of video folks. United presented me with a couple of well-produced videos about things I found interesting and I wanted more.
None of the first four videos felt like someone was bragging or trying to sell me on anything. The last one I watched on the new United Club felt staged, and guess what? I stopped watching. Authenticity counts.
What are some of the things you’re doing around your company that customers and prospects might not know about? That’s a good start for your production list. It’s good content!
Produce quality videos with an authentic voice and you’ll hold your audience.
–Tony Gnau
In the interest of full-disclosure… United Airlines has been a T60 client in the past, but none of the videos at the YouTube channel were produced by T60.