“Guaranteed” Way To Handle Video Production

guaranteed rate youtubeI had a chance to visit recently with Guaranteed Rate’s Chief Marketing Officer during shoot we did for ChicagoAMA (American Marketing Association). One thing the visit confirmed… Guaranteed Rate is knocking it out of the park with marketing video production.
Guaranteed Rate is the 10th largest mortgage lender in the country… #1 in Chicago and Illinois. Nearly 7-billion dollars in mortgage is 2011… over 14-billion in 2012. Yes, they’ve more than doubled their business in the last two years.
It’s a company on the rise and they clearly understand the power of video. They produce a ton of them in-house and even have a little room dedicated to recording videos at the corporate headquarters.
I’m not going to over-hype the videos themselves. From a production standpoint, they’re just okay. Here’s what I like though… there’s a huge variety featuring all sorts of subject matter and the vast majority of them are focused on helping the company’s audience.
Guaranteed Rate’s YouTube channel has hundreds of short videos, and as of this post they’ve received over 43,700 views. They offer ways to shop for your home loan, all sorts of social media tips, even fun things like the company’s own Harlem Shake video.
Here’s what you can take away from what they’re doing… Guaranteed Rate is in a highly competitive industry. Its leaders use things like marketing videos to set themselves apart from their competition and it’s working. They’re very active in content marketing using social media, and videos are one of the best ways to communicate.
I’m thrilled when a company decides to produce an About Us video, it’s something every company should invest in, but companies like Guaranteed Rate show everyone that video has so much more potential.
–Tony Gnau