Marketing Videos That Create Loyal Customers

Your company wants to produce marketing content. You grab the CEO, shoot all sorts of video, and you produce a terrific company profile.

Great… but don’t stop there. Many business leaders recognize the importance of having a company video, but they fail to follow-up on it. Video is a great way to engage with your customers and in many ways help them.

Courtesy: Nikon

Nikon is a photo powerhouse and does a great job of serving customers with interesting videos. Watch the following example I found through the company’s Facebook page. It’s a fun tutorial on how to shoot great photos of kids.

VIDEO– Nikon: Taking Natural Looking Photos of Your Kids

There’s no mistake it’s a Nikon video, featuring one of its products, but the focus of the video is on the audience. How can we as Nikon help our customers? We’ll show them how to better use our products.

By taking the focus off yourself and putting it on your customers’ needs, you actually benefit the company in the long run. Building loyal customers who appreciate hearing from you.

–Tony Gnau