Marketing Videos… Art vs. Control

Worlds collide. It can happen sometimes when a business sets out to create a marketing video. The corporate need for control versus the artist’s need for creativity.

One of the main reasons there can be a conflict is because many corporate leaders don’t even realize that producing a video is an artistic pursuit. In their eyes, it’s just another sales tool. However, look through the eyes of a videographer, editor, or producer and you’ll see art.

Ultimately, the video producer needs to understand the client should get what they want. They are paying for this after all.

On the other hand, business leaders need to understand what they’re buying. It’s not just a video. They’re also getting the creative expertise the production team is bringing to the project. At least, they better be.

The best videos come about when both sides set aside their egos and listen to the other.

–Tony Gnau