Marketing Video Flexibility

Snow happens.  So when you’re shooting a marketing video, you better be flexible. That goes for “you” the client, as well as “you” the production team.

We shot a video last week during a snowfall. A video where the client would prefer not to show any snow. That’s a tough task with four inches on the ground and more falling throughout the shoot.

The solution… since there’s a deadline, shoot a complete video now that includes snow and go back for a mini-shoot when the weather breaks and the snow is gone.

We’re not charging for the extra shoot, so it’ll cost us some time and money.  The client will have to settle for a video with some snow until they get the updated version, so for them it requires some patience.

Not the situation either of us planned for when we scheduled the shoot date, but hey… snow happens. Instead of fighting it and ending up with an inferior product, better to be flexible and get the best possible video.

That’s true for snow or any other unplanned circumstance.

–Tony Gnau