Great Chef, Weird Video

I’m torn. I recently saw a video for Grant Achatz’s new restaurant, Next. Achatz is without a doubt one of the world’s great chefs and any restaurant he opens is bound to be a hit, so what’s with the video?

It’s apparently trying to tease us with concept behind the restaurant, but lost in all the cool graphics and effects is something striking… the food. Where’s the food?

I can only assume the video is trying to build our anticipation, and if that’s the case I guess it’s kind of working. But on the other hand, is there really a better way to entice foodies to try a new restaurant than by showcasing the food? The Food Network has built an entire empire around the idea, so like I said… I’m torn.

Next is bound to be a success, but is its video a hit or a miss?

Video: Next

–Tony Gnau