SCTV Good Example For Corporate America

Anyone who knows anything about me knows I’m a proud Trojan, so I’m happy to share a new University of Southern California venture that happens to make a lot of sense for businesses.

Times are changing. Video is no longer a luxury. It’s a necessity if you want to get your message heard, and a company’s website can now be considered a company TV station. Executives need to program their new TV station with great videos featuring their company, and that’s exactly what’s happening at USC.

USC has launched its own online network called, SCTV. It’s a place Trojan sports fans can go to see everything from full games to practices to interviews with players, coaches and administration officials.

There’s no reason your company can’t do the same thing. You have devoted employees, customers and followers who will watch. The more they watch, the more loyal they’ll become. The more loyal they become, the more they’ll share with friends and family.

CompanyTV is ready for you… are you ready for it?

–Tony Gnau