Getting Ready For Beer Week!

T60 Beer Week is almost here and preparations are underway. Now, let’s be clear, no beer is being served, but we will be showing new videos that will likely have you craving a beer. Actually, we hope the videos inspire you to head to the store for some Goose Island.

Over the last couple years, T60 has been producing videos for Chicago’s Goose Island Beer Company. We started with nine videos last year, and we just finished five more. Two are new videos for Green Line Pale Ale and Sofie Belgian Style Ale. The other three are updates we shot and edited for Matilda, Pere Jacques, and Bourbon County Stout because the packaging changed over the past year.

Next week, we’ll debut one video each day and I’ll be blogging about each video as well.┬áSo get your taste buds ready… T60 Beer Week starts Monday!

–Tony Gnau