BEER WEEK Video #1: Matilda Belgian Style Ale

I know if you want to make a good impression at a party, you show up with Goose Island’s Matilda Belgian Style Ale. It makes sense then to start T60’s Beer Week with the Matilda video.

Each day this week we’ll be debuting a video we recently produced for Chicago’s Goose Island Beer Company.

We produced the original Matilda video last year, but the packaging has since been changed so an update was needed. That also provided us with an opportunity to add some new elements, mainly, a food pairing.

Matilda might be my favorite beer to photograph because its color really pops when the light shines through it. I know, you’re thinking, “This guy has a great beer poured in front of him and all he’s thinking about is how the light makes it look?”

Well, take a look and you’ll see what I mean… and get prepared to be thirsty.

–Tony Gnau

WATCH THE VIDEO: Matilda Belgian Style Ale