Corporate Websites’ Critical Mistake

t60 about usLove, love, love yesterday’s guest post by Laura Click at She blogs about the four deadly mistakes made on corporate websites.

One of the things she suggests is incorporating video into their content. Well… yeah! She’s totally right, and yet video is missing from far too many corporate websites.

There are all sorts of options for the types of videos company leaders can produce. Highlight employees, new products, services, show how the business is involved in the community… I could go on and on. However, the one video EVERY company should have at their website is the About Us video.

It doesn’t have to be complicated… just a basic explanation of what it is that the company does and what sets it apart from the competition.

I know this might not be easy for some business leaders. It could take a little time and it could mean an additional expense. The benefit is website content that will be seen and heard. People watch videos. Give them a good one and you’re creating a terrific first impression.

–Tony Gnau