Featuring Customer Service Rock Stars

Captain Denny Flanagan, customer service rock starYou might talk-the-talk when it comes to customer service, but to you walk-the-walk? I shot a motivational speech yesterday at Chicago’s Lincoln Park Zoo regarding customer service, and it spurred some video thoughts.

The speech was given by United Airlines’ Captain Denny Flanagan. He’s a pilot who has single-handedly taken it upon himself to raise the bar when it comes to airline customer service (CBS News story). A bar he admits is really low.

Captain Flanagan mostly told stories about the different things he does to engage with customers and improve their travel experience. He’s been known to buy everyone hamburgers when there’s a flight delay, call the parents of child flying alone to let them know he or she is on the plane, and he even hands out his business card and cell number to customers in case they have problems making a connecting flight. To say he goes above and beyond is an understatement.

What struck me is that most companies have a person like Captain Flanagan working for them. Why in the world aren’t these businesses’ leaders featuring them in videos!? Companies need to make it a priority to single out team members providing excellent service and share their stories with customers.

–Tony Gnau

For the record…United Airlines is a past client, but I am receiving no compensation for this post.