Corporate Culture And Video Pros

Every company is different. Every company has its own culture, procedures, ways of doing things. When you go looking for a video producer, do your best to make sure they can fit in with your team.

We just started working with a new client and they did something I’ve never seen before. They provided us with a calendar, not only detailing what they expect from us, but what they would be adding to the project themselves.

I loved it. It’s clearly an insight into their company culture, and I have to say it worked for me. I took one look at the calendar and it was incredibly helpful, but I can tell you it might have freaked out other video professionals.

We’re a creative industry… right-brained, not left. Fortunately, I appreciate details, as long as people remain flexible, but if they had chosen the wrong production company… it could have been a doomed business relationship from the start.

Keep culture in mind when you start interviewing creative professionals.

–Tony Gnau