Blogs… Less Words, More Video?

Okay, we’re not there yet, but more evidence today courtesy eMarketer that not only do people want to see online video… they want to see it in corporate blogs.

Yes, “readers” want to watch video in the place where people typically put their heart and soul into written word. I guess we’re ahead of the curve here at T60 since we’re constantly sharing videos using our blog, but hey… we’re a production company… of course we’re going to share videos.

Anyway, the research! eMarketer reports video is one of the top things people want to see in a corporate blog. Granted, it’s a distant third behind people wanting corporate blogs to engage the community and be current. It’s also tied with wanting the blogs to be educational, but video does make the list.

So, when’s the last time your company posted a behind-the-scenes video at its blog?

–Tony Gnau