Professional Help Adds Up

Video is great way to communicate, and  these days anyone with a camera and computer can do it. That’s a good news, bad news type of thing.

It’s great because companies can save some cash and produce their own stuff, but they do it with varying success… in both the budget and production quality departments.

These DYI videos usually involve finding someone in-house who has a little bit of video knowledge and stretching them as far as they can go. It does work occasionally, but the result can also be a big drain on productivity. The in-house person may spend twice as much time on the video while their normal job is forgotten.

Having a professional produce a video may cost you a little cash, but it results in a good product and keeps an employee focused on what they were hired to do.

Self-serving? Sure, but for those of you who really can’t afford a pro, I’ll have some tips for your new in-house video team in the coming days.

–Tony Gnau