When To Produce Amateur Videos

Picture 1Mrs. G and I are terrible dancers, and yet on our wedding day we chose to do a choreographed dance in front of all our guests. I blame my in-laws for providing the dance lessons gift certificate prior to the big day.

We took lessons at Ballroom Dance Chicago. Our teacher was very good and very patient. She needed to be, but what it earned her is recommendations like this. It’s a great place to take lessons.

where am i going with this?

Ever since then I’ve been following the business on Facebook, and over the last three months they’ve been posting more and more videos.

The videos… aren’t great. Some are better than others, but you know what I like? They’re trying.

Someone they know clearly has a little editing ability, and they create their own videos. Like many business owners, I’m sure they’d love to have professionally produced videos, but this is what they can manage.

worth doing an amateur video?

There are some video pros who would tell you, if this is all you can manage… you’re better off doing nothing. If we were talking about a good-sized company, I’d agree. But what we’re talking about is a very small business, so to them I say go for it.

The lesson here is if you have a marketing budget, pay a pro to produce your videos. If you’re a small business owner with no budget (and I mean NO budget), go forth and produce your own videos.

There’s room for us all.

–Tony Gnau