What’s Your Competition Up To?

The internet has changed forever the way we research our competition. All you have to do is swing by their website to see what they’re up to, how they present themselves, et cetera.

One of the things I did when starting T60 was research how much my competitors ¬†were charging. It was maddening. Most don’t list prices. I understand why. Every project is unique, but from a customer’s perspective it’s really irritating.

So… I made sure to give some sort of price list at the T60 website. It was a simply way to differentiate us from everyone else, and I hope it leaves people with a good first impression.

Here’s my project for you. Check out your competitors’ videos. Do they have just one or have they produced a bunch? Do they look professionally done or do they look like they did them on the cheap?

Video is a way you can set your company apart from the competition. Whatever they’re doing video-wise, you have the ability to one-up them.

If a customer is researching you and your competition online, they’ll likely watch each company’s videos.¬†Make their first impression of you better than your competition.

–Tony Gnau