Make Your Media Page Like This

Okay PR pros… you want to see how to make life easy on your TV contacts? Check out Clarke. It’s a company doing the type of work that’s bound to draw media attention. They fight mosquitoes.

Yes… not necessarily a sexy business, but just look at their video download page. It’s AMAZING! They provide dozens of clips for journalists to use. It looks professional and has everything a TV producer, reporter, or editor is going to need to piece together a story on mosquito control.

You know how I know this? A friend of mine at WGN-TV news told me about the company. WGN was doing a story on West Nile virus (transmitted by mosquitoes) and someone at Clarke sent them a link to their videos. My friend was gushing over how helpful it was.

If you’re working for a business that’s involved with issues or subject matters that end up on the news, you need to put together a page like this. It provides exposure, and allows you to control the content surrounding your company.

–Tony Gnau