Welcome to the best blog ever written!

Yeah, we have some pretty high standards at T60.  But the “best blog ever written?”  Well, it’s hard, but we’ll try.

Anyway, welcome!  You’re logging on to our first official blog entry.  We hope you’ll follow our adventures and post your own comments along the way.

We’re really excited about this new feature at t60productions.com because it’ll allow us an opportunity to share with you some of the stories behind the stories.

T60 is fortunate to have some great clients and vendors we work with, and each project we complete we learn so much along the way.

Through this blog we’ll share things like how we came up with the ideas for our videos, ways our clients are using them and how it might help you and your communication needs.

We’ll probably also share some insights on various other issues around T60.  I’m sure if the coffee maker brakes, T60’s V.P. of Marketing, Katie, will immediately jump on the blog to conduct a poll of how many people feel coffee is essential to the creative process.

So, thanks for joining us.  We’ll be in touch!

–Tony Gnau