Wedding Blog Insights

Wedding Blogs.  They’re kind of taking over here at T60.  Katie (T60’s V.P. of Marketing) and I are getting married in June, so our office is wedding Blog central.  They have been a big source of wedding inspiration, but we’re also picking up on some interesting business insights that apply to our clients.

Katie sent me a posting this week from still photographer Scott Bourne.  It was his take on wedding photographers who are selling $500 wedding packages, which he says is well below the national average.  He thinks undercutting on price also means slashing quality and damaging the industry’s reputation.

Bourne mentions that part of the problem is people who think anyone with a good camera will produce images like a professional photographer.  Of course, this couldn’t be further from the truth, and it’s something I see in a lot of corporate videos.  Anyone with a nice camera and a Mac can put together a video on the cheap, but you really do get what you pay for.

This is a real problem.  A company’s prospective clients can tell the difference between a professional video and an amateur one.  Why?  They watch television.  People are savvy video viewers these days.  They’ve seen everything from their own home movies to the best Hollywood has to offer… and they can see the difference.

Companies put a lot of time and effort into offering clients quality products and services.  Why risk that reputation by creating a low-quality, amateur video when professionals are producing videos for as little as $1,200?

–Tony Gnau