Videos That Honor Your Clients

I’m a big proponent of the notion that your videos don’t need to be about your company… to be about your company. One of the best ways to do this is to feature your clients, or in this case, honor your customers.

Proctor & Gamble is a big Olympic sponsor, and one of the campaigns company leaders have launched around the upcoming London games is focused on an important target market… moms.

At the center of it, a masterful video. I don’t usually like corporate videos that feature actors and staged scenes, but boy… this one really works.

It highlights that notion I mentioned earlier. This video doesn’t scream P&G. If you just happened upon it, you wouldn’t even know it was a corporate video until the end when a few brand logos appear.

What it does is honor moms. The company’s message is clear, we support the hard working women who nurture our children.

That’s powerful stuff for a 2-minute corporate video. It’s no wonder why P&G is a billion-dollar company. It’s leaders know how to reach people.

–Tony Gnau