Throw Out The Titles For Your Video Content

CEOs, COOs, CMOs… no matter the letters, one of the toughest calls you may have to make if you want a great PR/marketing video is to exclude those people.

A key to producing a great video is selecting the right people to participate. Now, if you have a charismatic CEO, maybe he/she is the right choice. If they’re not, it may be time for a heart-to-heart to let them know they didn’t get the part.

Who should you pick? I don’t know. Who’s the person at your company everyone loves to be around? Who’s the person who puts a smile on everyone’s face? That’s the type of person you need.

If it’s the CFO, great. Maybe it’s the receptionist. It could be the janitor for all I care. Happy, likable people are infectious. Those are the people you want representing you company.

–Tony Gnau