Thank You Gini Dietrich!

Is she awesome or what!?  PR pro… blogging maestro… and easily wooed by a latte. Gini and I have been e-friends for a short while, and we finally managed to get together for coffee this week. A few days later, she honors me with a #FollowFriday on Totally cool!

For those of you joining us here for the first time… welcome. Friday’s are typically my day off from blogging, but there’s usually something new every Monday through Thursday.

Speaking of lattes, I actually just saw a Starbucks video I’m going to blog about on Monday, so please come back for that! In the meantime, feel free to look back at our previous posts.

Anyway, thanks for coming… hope to hear from you in the future… please feel free to share your Gini Dietrich stories. :-)

–Tony Gnau